Rocketry Demonstration Dual-Convocation

Under the organization of member Angel Martin, the Rocketry Team announced that it will host two linked convocations in January 2020. The first convocation will be held on January 31st at 10:00 in Minges 222. After a short presentation on the basic mechanics of rocketry, attendees will assemble small rocket kits under the guidance of Rocket Team members. These assembled rockets will then be used in the second convocation, which will be held in early February. At this second convocation, attendees will learn about launch site safety from the Rocket Team members, and then, using their own rockets, they will launch alongside the Rocket Team’s own rockets. We hope to teach and excite students from a wide variety of interests about rocketry in general and the work the Rocketry Club has been doing this year. More details will follow as we near the proposed date!

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