News Update: 9/2/20

After our initial interest meeting, the team had their first official meeting today. We elected our B.E.A.R. Club officials: Spencer Welland as President, Locke Thronburg as Vice-President, and Kaitlyn _ as Secretary and Treasurer. The electronics team unveiled their revised plan for our payload, a self-guiding system that will allow us to land our payload … Continue reading News Update: 9/2/20


BEAR Club Officials Elected

In the Rocket Club meeting today, officials for the newly-reinstated BEAR (Ballooning, Engineering, and Rocketry) Club were officially elected. Our officers will represent the BEAR Club's interests in front of SGA, as well as represent the Rocketry Team as a whole. We are proud to announce our 2019 BEAR Club officers as follows: President: Locke … Continue reading BEAR Club Officials Elected