News Update: 9/2/20

After our initial interest meeting, the team had their first official meeting today. We elected our B.E.A.R. Club officials: Spencer Welland as President, Locke Thronburg as Vice-President, and Kaitlyn _ as Secretary and Treasurer. The electronics team unveiled their revised plan for our payload, a self-guiding system that will allow us to land our payload in a specific, GPS-chosen area. Furthermore, Jeremy Wagner, our student-lead engineering, revealed his senior design project: a hybrid motor that will be powering our rocket to 10,000 feet. And lastly, the team decided how to delineate our sub-teams, including CAD team, Build Team, Safety Team, etc. By next week, each team will have met and decided on their next steps.

As always, stay up to date with us by following our Twitter or Instagram, @LRU_Rocketry, and don’t hesitate to contact us through this website with any questions or comments.


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